For over 35 years Rockford FosgateĀ® has made lifestyle products that deliver the ultimate audio experience in cars, boats, and recreational vehicles. Rockford continues to be a leader in the audio industry by designing and engineering products to connect enthusiasts to their music and machine. Creating components that deliver high performance sound for the most demanding connoisseur is what drives Rockford to continually elevate the listening experience.Truly a line designed by fanatics for fanatics, our mobile family of products are developed by the same people that use them in their everyday lives. Living the lifestyle and being able to interface with our customers gives our design and engineering groups a unique perspective to be able to deliver top quality products that perform to the Rockford Standard.



The name that started it all, our PUNCH family of products represents the heart and soul that is Rockford Fosgate. Perfect for the person looking to build an amazing sound system without needing to break the bank to get it, the Punch line delivers that signature Rockford sound every day.
Whether your purpose is to have the best of the best or to simply upgrade your stock set up, rockford fosgate purpose builds audio for you. The power, punch, and prime series are loaded with features to help you achieve the audio experience that best suits you.
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers

Punch 1,000 Watt Class-bd Mono Amplifier

The Punch P1000X1bd mono amplifier pumps out 1,000 Watts into a 1-Ohm load. The Class-BD technology produces bass more efficiently over traditional amps, and its frequency response is optimized for subwoofers.

Punch 500 Watt Class-bd Mono Amplifier

The Punch P500X1bd is a mono amplifier capable of 500 Watts into a 1-Ohm load. The Class-BD technology produces bass more efficiently over traditional amps, and its frequency response allows it to be optimized for subwoofers.

Punch 300 Watt Full-Range Mono Amplifier

The Punch P300X1 is a mono amplifier capable of producing 300 Watts into a 2-Ohm load. The P300X1 full-range frequency response makes it perfect for a subwoofer system or for powering a dedicated center channel speaker.

Punch 400 Watt 4-Channel Amplifier

The Punch P400X4 is a 4-channel amplifier producing 100 Watts into all four channels at 2-Ohm. The P400X4 is perfect for a 4-way full-range system or a 3-way system having a front stage with subwoofers on the rear channels.

Punch 500 Watt 2-Channel Amplifier

The Punch P500X2 is a 2-channel stereo amplifier capable of producing 250 Watts into each channel at 2-Ohms. The P500X2 amplifier is great with full-range or component systems or can be bridged for use with several subwoofers.

Punch 400 Watt Full-Range 4-Channel Amplifier

The Punch PBR400X4D is a 400 Watt full-range amp designed for compact systems. This efficient 4-channel amp packs a Punch in UTVs, motorcycles, and hybrid-electric vehicles without sucking a lot of juice from your electrical system.