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Providing the broadest and loudest range of speakers for any type of vehicle application. From a simple factory swap out in the rear deck to a custom door panel or special kick pod builds, Cerwin Vega Mobile selection of speaker options ensures that your music is covered from front to back! Providing the most distortion-free performance with great clarity and natural balance, Cerwin Vega mobile speakers deliver the best live concert sound experience that you will ever hear!

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When seeking power, performance, and reliability in a car audio system, look no further than Cerwin Vega Mobile’s High Energy Design HED series. HED is designed to be best in class and deliver the boom with the best of them! HED speakers come in all shapes and sizes and always performs at the high-level. Choose HED series for performance and reliability that you can trust.

XED series is the ideal product to upgrade to your stock stereo system. The perfect solution to that muffled, distorted, low-output factory speaker would be the XED series speakers with it’s well rounded balanced metal dome tweeter emitting bright vocals for the highs while the curvilinear poly cone design on the midrange delivers nice and smooth mid-bass. Drop the bass without droppin’ a lot of coin with the Xtreme Energy Design XED series.

If you want a daily ground-pounding system and want to make your presence known and felt on the streets, the VEGA series was built for you! Designed to ensure the highest level of distortion-free performance, these premium speakers by Cerwin-Vega provide the best live concert experience. Made from the highest quality materials, they will serve you for years to come, while achieving maximum reproduction of music.

Cerwin Vega Mobile established an unsurpassed reputation for performance, quality, efficiency, and reliability. A kit if that praise can be attributed to the STROKER series of products. The STROKER series legacy started in the competition lanes and after many SPL world titles and awards year after year, STROKER series is synonymous with being the best! Designed and engineered with no expenses spared, STROKER series is built so that you can feel the bass and not just hear it!


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Starting from humble beginnings in 1995, Founders Malcolm and Kathy Pope founded Radio Waves, an idea that sprouted from Malcolm’s passion for music, electronics, and audio.


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