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the name Cerwin-Vega has been synonymous with excellence in every area of the audio experience. This reputation has been established by Pro Audio professionals, Hi-Fi enthusiasts and Mobile Audio fans that recognize the high-performance value which is Cerwin-Vega.

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Cerwin Vega amplifiers are powerful enough to drive even the most inefficient speakers and bring out its full performance capabilities to dramatic levels of clean, distortion-free sound. Engineering constant and equal power at all impedance loads is a new performance feature for VEGA series amplifiers. Let Cerwin amplifiers be the driving force of your car audio system and feel the power! 


Providing the broadest and loudest range of speakers for any type of vehicle application. From a simple factory swap out in the rear deck to a custom door panel or special kick pod builds, with a large selection of speaker options ensures that your music is covered from front to back! Providing the most distortion-free performance with great clarity and natural balance, Cerwin mobile speakers deliver the best live concert sound experience that you will ever hear!


The legend Cerwin Vega Mobile subwoofers continues its dominance and surpassed reputation for performance quality efficiency and reliability under the most demanding conditions of use! When design and engineering subwoofers Cerwin Vega want you to FEEL the bass, and not just HEAR the bass! Providing a cast range of subwoofer to fit any budget keeps Cerwin Vega Mobile at the forefront of the industry and that is why they are the leader in delivering the loudest and most reliable subwoofers in the market today 

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Starting from humble beginnings in 1995, Founders Malcolm and Kathy Pope founded Radio Waves, an idea that sprouted from Malcolm’s passion for music, electronics, and audio.


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