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AudioControl – a car can be one of the best places to enjoy music. However, many commuters still put up with the marginal sound quality that they would never tolerate at home yet they spend much more time listening to their car audio system than they do their home stereo. Listening to music—your music, in your car, the way it was meant to be heard, is a grand thing. Listening to music on a truly superb car stereo will make you wish the long and winding road was just a little bit longer and a little bit windier.

AudioControl Solution Range.

Clean Crisp
Smooth Sound.

that is what you get with an AudioControl electronic crossover. key to efficient use of amplifier power and effective use of each and every speaker. Advanced programmable and steep slope filtering trim frequencies to minimize distortion and power waste.

Factory System

AudioControl Factory System Upgrades make your Good factory system Sound Great! The installation of an upgraded sound system can be tricky. Most factory radios today are so much more than the radio. They are the command center for the infotainment system of the vehicle and changing them gets very expensive (if even possible) and you do not get much of sound improvement. The problem is that it’s sound quality might not be up to your standards.

Digital Signal

AudioControl industry leading experience in signal processing offering music enthusiasts the ultimate audio experience. Features like precise equalization, adjustable crossover, and subsonic filtering make AudioControl Digital Mobile Audio Processors top-of-the-line performers.

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Starting from humble beginnings in 1995, Founders Malcolm and Kathy Pope founded Radio Waves, an idea that sprouted from Malcolm’s passion for music, electronics, and audio.


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