The History of Radio Waves

Starting from humble beginnings in 1995, Founders Malcolm and Kathy Pope founded Radio Waves, an idea that sprouted from Malcolm’s passion for music, electronics, and audio.

They soon found themselves amid the era’s trends and hype of Car Audio. Importing and wholesaling well-known brands of the time, competing and winning at the National level of SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and SQ (Sound Quality) competitions. Accolades which included multiple loudest in class awards and multiple best sound quality in class awards. Many overall awards as well.

It was during this time Malcolm developed his ear, his knowledge, and, in turn, his business, turning it from a small operation with 1 radio and 1 set of speakers on the shelf, to a force to be reckoned with, both locally and nationally, gaining widespread recognition in the industry.

Fast forward several years. Their son Ryan, once graduating from his Sound Engineering Diploma, joined the team full time after shadowing and working part-time since high school.